Forbes Blog Network Announced

The Entrepreneurial Mind will be joining several others in the newly announced Business and Finance Blog Network, comprised of a community of pre-screened, influential business and financial blogs.
This is part of a growing trend among media companies to build networks of existing blogs.
The Blog Network’s content will focus on senior business decision makers and high-net-worth investors. Topics will be relevant to the banking, trading, hedge fund management, affluent investing, and senior business decision-making communities. Participation in the network is by invitation only, and all blogs are vetted by editors for appropriate content, and to ensure that they are in keeping with the Forbes editorial brand.
The network will allow advertisers to target a highly engaged, exclusive niche audience of senior business decision makers and affluent investors easily and effectively. Four hundred-plus blogs have already joined the network, with many more expected to sign on before the official launch in the next few weeks.
“There is no denying the growing importance and influence of blogs within the media landscape,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Jim Spanfeller. “ can ensure advertisers are reaching a hard-to-find and very desirable audience within safe, well-lit environments by exclusively inviting ‘best of breed’ business and investing bloggers to our new Business and Finance Blog Network.”
There will be a few cosmetic changes that you may notice over the next few weeks here at the Entrepreneurial Mind. Also, we will be changing the URL address of the blog to allow for the advertising that goes along with joining this network (we are currently on an “edu” address, which does not allow us to accept advertising).
But, the content will not change. I will continue to provide information and advice for entrepreneurs. I will also continue to offer my commentary on issues of public policy that impact small businesses and entrepreneurs.