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Entrepreneurial Financial Management
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This practical text presents an applied, realistic view of entrepreneurial finance for today’s changing business environment. It provides an integrated set of concepts and applications, drawing from entrepreneurship, finance, and accounting, that will prepare aspiring entrepreneurs for the world they will most likely face as they start their new businesses. [Buy This Book]



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With a focus on practical techniques, entrepreneurs learn how to stretch resources and thrive on lean budgets. The text focuses on bootstrapping techniques for a variety of ventures-from small, family-owned businesses to high-growth upstarts.  While this book treats the subject of securing initial financing for the start-up venture, it also fully explores how entrepreneurs manage and sustain the business as it grows. [Buy This Book]


Bringing Your Business to Life

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Bringing Your Business to Life examines the four virtues necessary for doing well and being good, within the complexities of the life of the businessperson. The authors draw from their vast combined experiences and from the rich and profound tradition of the four virtues of prudence, justice, courage and temperance to teach today’s entrepreneur in business. Practical and inspiring, this unique blend of real cases and practical insights provides a balanced approach to doing business. For anyone with entrepreneurial spirit, Bringing Your Business to Life provides a unique integration of moral reflection and entrepreneurial experience that displays the importance and the benefits of applying faith at work, both personally and professionally. [Buy This Book]

From the Ground Up

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Here is a comprehensive model for school start-ups from the initial planning, to the opening of the school, and through its initial growth. It is written for educational leaders who are engaging in the current transformation of America’s education system through the creation of charter schools, private schools, and other emerging educational entities. The most common cause of new school failure is not curricular in nature, but rather is due to financial and management shortcomings. Following well-established entrepreneurial processes and principles can dramatically reduce the failure rate of these new schools. [Buy This Book]


The Entrepreneurial EducatorFrom book description:
Demands for vouchers, charter schools, the growth of home schooling and the rebirth of private education are creating increased competition for public schools. This primer and toolkit for the educators of tomorrow offers skill development ideas, specific ideas, examples, and questions that will guide school leaders as they compete in the new educational marketplace. [Buy This Book]