Summer Reading

Here is what is in my pile for summer reading for the next month:

Small Town Rules, by Barry Moltz and Becky McCray — already started this one.  A great read (as Barry’s books always are) with an important lesson.

Thinking, Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman — Kahneman is a Nobel winning economist.  In this book Kahneman explores the two types of thinking. Fast thinking is the intuitive and emotional system of thinking.  Slow is the deliberate and logical system of thinking.  Also started this book and it is very powerful.  Looks buy topamax no prescription like I need to work on slow thinking with my entrepreneurship students.  They certainly have fast thinking already down!!

The Pivot Point, by Victoria and James Grady.  Short little book full of information about why employees react the way they do to change and how to more effectively manage change.

Why Nations Fail, by Acemoglu and Robinson.  This one is in preparation for my new class this fall on International Entrepreneurship.  Plan to spend some time with them on policy and not just the nuts and bolts of how to import/export/outsource.